2016/12/05 : # 104. [Music] – ArduinoPlays – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Remix

This one’s almost a year in the works, I spent almost 60 hours on it. Downloads/Soundcloud below


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2016/12/01 : # 103. [Music] – Castle Crashers – Cycerin – Winterbliss Piano Midi Synthesia


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# 102. [Sonos] – “Error code 9” when trying to update


I recently ran into a problem trying to update my sonos system, where when I tried to update it, it would show this.

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2016/11/26 : # 101. [Arduino] – Lifx API Control Library for ESP8266


I’ve started work on a library for the esp8266 in order to control lifx bulbs via the HTTP API. You can follow it’s progress here:

As of right now, it can only query the status of the bulbs, and find things like is it on or off/color/name that sort of thing.

It can query the status of the bulb to find things like color/brightness/hue, as well as toggle the power.

Updated post about what I’ve since added here: http://www.joeybabcock.me/blog/arduino/arduino-esp8266-lifx-library-update-change-color-and-brightness-of-bulbs/


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2016/11/18 : # 100. [Music] – Waterflame – Arcade Punk Midi Synthesia Piano

This one has been in the works since right when the song came out. I’ve been working on it since then.

I also set up my launchpad to mirror Synthesia’s notes.


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2016/11/13 : # 99. [Arduino] – ESP8266 Based SONOS Browser Controller

esp8266  sonos-logo

The esp serves up a web page that can be used to control your sonos from anything that can support a browser. It’s a work in progress, and I’ll keep updating as I see fit.


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2016/11/02 : # 98. DJ-Nate – Theory of Everything Intro (FLP REMAKE)

Rather than finish my Vocab activities for English, I decided to remake the intro to Theory of Everything by DJ Nate in FL Studio.


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2016/11/01 : # 97. [Film] – Sage Creek Student Life (E01)

I figured I should probably start posting the occasional videos I make for different usually school related functions.

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2016/10/30 : # 96. [Arduino] – 10$ ESP8266 Live Youtube Subscriber Display With OTA Support

After watching Andreas Spiess’ video in which he demoed his live sub counter, I set off to build one of my own. For this I used:

2x MAX7219 based 8×8 red LED matrices

1x Wemos d1 mini(ESP8266 based microcontroller)

5x male to female jumper cables

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2016/10/17 : # 95. [Music] – TheFatRat – Monody Midi Piano Synthesia(Cover)

This is one that I actually didn’t plan on doing(I still have two others that were in the works before this one…) but I just got really into it after a friend showed it to me (Thanks Jeff 🙂


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