2017/02/20 : # 117. Genius Project Post 2: Mentors

Prospective Mentors – why you chose them. What did you learn about them? Have you emailed them yet? Have they responded?

For my genius project, I chose 2 mentors that held knowledge that I lacked.

My first mentor was Kirt Danner from RPA.
He works for an advertising agency and knows lots about product life cycles. He could help me avoid common pitfalls faced with designing a product, as he has worked with many companies in the past.  He also hasexperienced firsthand starting from nothing, and building your way up. I have emailed him and am awaiting a response.

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2017/02/19 : # 116. FTC Robotics Team #9261 Velocity Vortex Judging Video Intro (2017)


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2017/02/08 : # 115. [Kahoot] – Kahoot “2 Step Join” How To

Kahoot’s “Two Step Join” feature was introduced recently to help classrooms keep unwanted kids off their kahoots. It works like this:

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2017/02/03 : # 114. Various Logo Photoshops(memebean)

Memebean logo


This one was a custom logo for Mrs. AMYKUEHL because she was having trouble pronouncing memebean correctly.

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2017/02/02 : # 113. Genius Project Post 1: Overview

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The Concept: For the 2016-2017 school year, we are embarking on what our school calls the “Genius project” derived from Google’s “20 time” concept. It is the concept of giving people 20% of their work time to do what they want. While this might sound like just an excuse for students to slack off during English class, there are some restrictions. Students must choose a topic that advances society in some way, and work on it through senior year.

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2017/01/20 : # 112. [Film] – Yo No Fui (Spanish Project) Telenovela

This was my submission as a Spanish project for Spanish 3B.

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2017/01/06 : # 111. [Kahoot] – Setting up a large scale kahoot

For ASB, I’ve been looking into how I might set up a large scale(I mean like 1000+ players or most of my school) Kahoot game. After looking up a number of things, “kahoot max number of players” ended up leading me to This Page. The following is an attempt to sum up what I’ve learned about setup. I will make another post sometime in February after I complete it.

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2016/12/29 : # 110. [Music] – Waterflame – The Race Around The World 8-Bit Remix

This is Waterflame’s “The Race Around The World” Performed by an 8-bit microcontroller.


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2016/12/27 : # 109. [Music] – Waterflame/Castle Crashers The Race Around The World Piano Midi Synthesia

I’m going to be doing a lot of the castle crashers music from this point on.


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2016/12/15 : # 108. 2016 Sage Creek Cross Country Video

This was 2016’s highlights of Sage Creek High School’s Cross Country Team.

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