2013/12/30 : # 4. [Music] – Avicii – Wake Me Up 8-Bit Remix(On Arduino)

Here’s the code for Avicii wake me up. Post in the comments what other ones you want me to do.


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2013/03/13 : # 3. I added some more easter eggs!

Some of you know them others of you not so much. Heres a few: Blueberries, also Raspberries as well as Strawberries and so on, easter eggs can be found by adding “?(eastereggname)=1″ so”?fun=1″ to the url bar. Still don’t get it? Here. In addition, I added a konami code :).

**2016 edit: These no longer work 🙁

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2012/07/12 : # 2. Flappy loach

Flappy Loach
I Finished the first public release of Flappy Loach Today!

Play the web version and the (experimental) android app or Flappy Nathan. Report errors and see updates.

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2010/09/26 : # 1. New site design

I still don’t have the login working quite yet, but I re-did the site entirely. This time it was built from the ground up. The homepage now has posts that I can update you guys on the latest things I’m doing!

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