2018/08/12 : # 133. QuoteMe

I’ve made a thing for storing quotes: http://qm.joeybabcock.me/

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2018/02/09 : # 132. Another side project

I’ve created another side project, this one focusing on the history of my high school. it can be found here:


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2018/01/17 : # 131. [Music] – Creo Carnivores Piano Midi Synthesia


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2017/11/28 : # 130. [Music] – Waterflame – The Race Around The World 2 midi synthesia piano


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2017/11/15 : # 129. [Music] – Waterflame/Castle Crashers – Space Pirates Midi Piano Synthesia

DOWNLOADS: (See Rest of Post…)

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2017/10/23 : # 128. [GP] – GP Update – 10/23

I am in the process of redesigning this site, both for ease of use and also to allow me to better present myself. I am hoping to add a comment section to allow people to communicate with me without having to email me. I have also had several people reaching out to ask further questions or to get help implementing my code in their own projects. I hope to complete this within the next two weeks but I also have a lot of college stuff that I need to finish first so that deadline may not be met.

I have since talked to James Fieberg,¬† physics teacher and science department chair at Sage Creek High School, in an attempt to give my project a little more of a focus. I haven’t really had a definite goal with this project other than to create and help people create as well. (See Rest of Post…)

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2017/10/03 : # 127. [GP] – Genius Project Update 4

After working on my garage door opener for a bit, I’m not attempting to add Infrared support to it so that it can be able to control devices such as tv’s or for example Mrs. Kuehl’s projector. I am hoping that the ESP32 api adds support for infrared natively soon so that I can accomplish this without having to bitbang a protocol because that always ends up being a really ghetto solution. I also am hoping to add a little better of a way to control devices over the internet because as of right now it requires a messy solution of port fowarding your router which I doubt many people know how to do that.



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2017/09/08 : # 126. [GP] – Genius Project Prototype 1, Garage Door Opener

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2017/08/26 : # 125. [Arduino] – M5Stack (ESP32) Live Youtube Subscriber Counter

Displays the live subscriber counter on the built in IL9341 display. The M5 stack is based on the ESP32.

Download the code here: (See Rest of Post…)

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2017/08/19 : # 124. Newly redesigned SageXC.com

Over the last 2 weeks, I redesigned sagexc.com from this:

To the responsive design it now presents:

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2017/08/09 : # 123. [Arduino] – Whatpulse Live Stats Display

Using an ESP8266 based Wemos D1 Mini, and 2 MAX7219 Led Matrix Displays, I made this live updating(every 60 seconds) whatpulse stats display.

The displays are hooked up to the D1 mini in the same way as in this tutorial.

The code can be found on github.

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2017/08/07 : # 122. [Music] – Lensko Cetus Midi/Piano Cover

I skipped the second 6/8 time thing because it was already a difficult song.

Download: (See Rest of Post…)

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