2018/12/08 : # 136. [Music] – Waterflame – Jumper REDONE piano midi synthesia cover


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# 135. [Music] – Sam Smith – Promises Piano midi synthesia


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2018/11/20 : # 134. [Music] – David Orr – Four Brave Champions/Castle Crashers Theme midi piano synthesia


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2018/08/12 : # 133. QuoteMe

I’ve made a thing for storing quotes: http://qm.joeybabcock.me/

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2018/02/09 : # 132. Another side project

I’ve created another side project, this one focusing on the history of my high school. it can be found here:


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2018/01/17 : # 131. [Music] – Creo Carnivores Piano Midi Synthesia


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2017/11/28 : # 130. [Music] – Waterflame – The Race Around The World 2 midi synthesia piano


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2017/11/15 : # 129. [Music] – Waterflame/Castle Crashers – Space Pirates Midi Piano Synthesia

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2017/10/23 : # 128. [GP] – GP Update – 10/23

I am in the process of redesigning this site, both for ease of use and also to allow me to better present myself. I am hoping to add a comment section to allow people to communicate with me without having to email me. I have also had several people reaching out to ask further questions or to get help implementing my code in their own projects. I hope to complete this within the next two weeks but I also have a lot of college stuff that I need to finish first so that deadline may not be met.

I have since talked to James Fieberg,  physics teacher and science department chair at Sage Creek High School, in an attempt to give my project a little more of a focus. I haven’t really had a definite goal with this project other than to create and help people create as well. (See Rest of Post…)

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2017/10/03 : # 127. [GP] – Genius Project Update 4

After working on my garage door opener for a bit, I’m not attempting to add Infrared support to it so that it can be able to control devices such as tv’s or for example Mrs. Kuehl’s projector. I am hoping that the ESP32 api adds support for infrared natively soon so that I can accomplish this without having to bitbang a protocol because that always ends up being a really ghetto solution. I also am hoping to add a little better of a way to control devices over the internet because as of right now it requires a messy solution of port fowarding your router which I doubt many people know how to do that.



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2017/09/08 : # 126. [GP] – Genius Project Prototype 1, Garage Door Opener

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2017/08/26 : # 125. [Arduino] – M5Stack (ESP32) Live Youtube Subscriber Counter

Displays the live subscriber counter on the built in IL9341 display. The M5 stack is based on the ESP32.

Download the code here: (See Rest of Post…)

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